Traveling By Car In The United Kingdom: Road Trips And Tips Travel Guides

Traveling By Car In The United Kingdom: Road Trips And Tips Travel Guides

06/05/2022 0 By admin

Are you thinking of flying to the UK and then renting a car? British roads are generally in good condition, but major roads and highways are missing. The M1, for example, runs north of Newcastle, leaving drivers on the east coast blocked on slow two-lane roads to Scotland. However, once you discover beautiful roads In the beautiful countryside such as the north of Scotland, the lakeside or the coast of Cornwall, then the journey itself becomes the reason for the trip.

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Useful road tips to explore England by car:

  • In Britain you drive on the left side of the road.
  • UK still uses imperial system (miles and yards) for road signs
  • It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in the UK.
  • Traffic jams and parking can make driving in the city a chore
  • There can be long delays even in small cities
  • If you want to drive to London, you will have to pay the traffic jam (and pre-register your license plate).
  • All major car rental companies have offices throughout the UK and prices can be very cheap. However, gasoline (gas) is expensive.
  • British highways are not known for their sights
  • British car clubs AA and RAC There is a lot of practical information on their website. AA is also a great road builder .

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Are you looking for inspiration? Here are 4 exciting road trips to England:

Cheddar Gorge Somerset England
Cheddar Gorge: Miles of Stunning Landscapes in Somerset (System: Pixabay)
Snake Pass Ladybower Reservoir Peak District England Road Bridge
Snake Pass: 42 miles to Peak (Credit: Simon Harrod / Flickr)


Hardknott Pass Lake District England
Hardknott Pass: Steep turns and stunning views of the Lake District (Credit: Barney Moss / Flickr)
Lochranza castle Isle of Arran coastal road Scotland
Isle of Arran coastline: 56 mile loop around the island of Scotland, stunning views (Credit: Harry McGregor / Foter)



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